Main Chassis Shorty Conversion, Carbon 2.5mm – B44.3 (1)

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Item# PS01686   —   Fit: Team Associated B44.3   —   Content: 1 Set


Our goal was to bring back the carbon fiber chassis to your B44.3 with a shorty LiPo configuration, in order to be competitive on low to medium grip surfaces as well.
After weeks of intense development we are proud to finally release our Carbon Chassis Shorty Conversion for Team Associated’s B44.3.

It includes two 5mm carbon battery trays fitted to keep your shorty LiPo batteries in place. Optional battery trays for saddle style LiPo batteries are available (#PS01687).
This chassis is made to suit low to medium grip surfaces, however, it works on some high grip surfaces too.

Our unique battery mounting system called AirMount is included as well. It was designed not to affect the chassis flex while keeping your battery in place. This system allows the chassis to bend both directions the same way so it can generate the ideal traction. It only weighs 14.5g fully assembled while retaining super strong.

This complete set reduces the overall weight of the stock B44.3 for around 60 grams. That allows you to add balancing weights for getting the car perfectly set to your driving style or just keep it as light as possible.

All included carbon items are precise machined by PSM in Germany from our authentic carbon fiber material which is truly premium quality, high impact resistant and semi-gloss looking.

• Exclusive AirMount System. Unique battery mount without affecting chassis flex.
• Inclusive Battery Trays. 5mm carbon trays designed for shorty lipo configuration.
• Balanced Flex. Designed for low to medium grip surfaces (works on some high grip surfaces as well)
• Lightweight. Total Saving = 60.0g / Chassis Plate (98.0g) / AirMount (14.5g) / Battery Trays (13.0g)
• Authentic PSM Carbon. Premium quality material. High Impact resistance. Semi-gloss look.
• Designed and precise machined by PSM in Germany.
• RoHS tested and approved raw material.

1x Main Chassis Plate – Carbon 2.5mm
1x Battery Strap with PSM Logo – Carbon 2.5mm
1x Battery Tray R shorty configuration – Carbon 5mm
1x Battery Tray L shorty configuration – Carbon 5mm
1x Center Brace – Carbon 2.5mm
2x Short posts for AirMount – Aluminium 7075
2x Long posts for AirMount – Aluminium 7075
6x Threaded inserts for battery trays – Aluminium 7075
1x Screw set – Black Steel (12 Pieces)

PS01687 – Saddle LiPo Conversion Kit for #PS01686 (Set) *available soon*
PS01688 – Front Upper Deck – Hard, Carbon 2.5mm – B44.3 (1) *available soon*
PS01689 – Rear Upper Deck – Hard, Carbon 2.5mm – B44.3 (1) *available soon*
PS01690 – Balance Weight Set for #PS01686, Brass Gold (1) *available soon*

• We recommend you seal the edges of the carbon fiber with CA glue prior to use.

• The thickness of this carbon product can vary by +0.3mm/-0.3mm as of manufacturing tolerances.
• The weight of this product can vary by different manufacturing batches.
• According to our policy of steady development and improvement of our products, we reserve the right to make changes in specifications concerning equipment, materials and design of this product at any time without notice.