– VX3 Brake Disc Review

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lrc-tt-01 has done a nice Review of our VX3 Brake Disc! Read more below…

In R/C racing the goal is to be the fastest driver on the track. Going fast means having a fast car, but also being able to consistently slow that fast car down. There is nothing faster than charging hard into a corner, braking hard at the last minute, making the turn and being right back on the gas. The key to doing this is having brakes that work, and work every time.

We recently got our hands on a set of the new VX3 brake discs from PSM Option Parts. These new discs are made up of 3mm fiberglass material that is CNC machined and vented. The idea behind PSM’s lightweight fiberglass brake discs is to produce a smooth, solid brake feeling that doesn’t fade away from overheating in those long mains. The idea works! The brake discs do in fact provide a very smooth and consistent feel from the first tank to the last.

As with any brake disc, over time they become “glazed” with oil, dirt, and grime. The VX3 discs are very easy to clean (instructional video provided on the PSM website) simply using a piece of fine sandpaper. Once cleaned the discs work like new. The white appearance is VERY cool to start off with, but like wearing a white shirt eating spaghetti, it doesn’t stay white for long.

So far for longevity, the brake discs have lasted for quite a long time and show no signs of needing replacing (even after multiple cleanings).


Very smooth and consistent for extended runs.
Doesn’t overheat like some stock brake discs.
Easy to clean

White appearance gets dirty quickly.
No United States/North America distributor at this time.

We were quite impressed with the PSM VX3 brakes and their performance. Getting your hands on a set takes a little time, as you must order online direct from PSM in Germany (there is no current United States distributor). After putting a little elbow grease in after running to keep the discs looking fresh and bright white, we have no complaints and are confident that the VX3 brake discs are a good choice when choosing aftermarket brakes.

Beacon Rating: 4/5